Doctor Denisova: some drinks in the heat thicken the blood and increase the risk of blood clots

Dietician, biotechnologist Natalya Denisova: in the heat you need to drink drinks containing caffeine with caution.

Doctor Denisova recalled that the heat is often disrupted water-salt balance, since due to the abundant release of moisture, the body loses electrolytes and minerals more intensively. She warned that some drinks aggravate this disorder by stimulating the kidneys and urinary system, and this can adversely affect well-being. Significant loss of salts through sweat and urine can cause a feeling of weakness, loss of performance, pressure changes, and fainting.

A particularly dangerous effect that can be caused by drinks that stimulate sweating and urination in the heat is the appearance of thick blood. Inappropriate drinks in the heat thicken the blood and increase the risk of a blood clot, said Natalya Denisova in a commentary to In this regard, caffeine-containing drinks are unsafe.

“In hot weather, it is better not to drink strong coffee and alcohol. These drinks stimulate urine production and fluid loss. B
As a result, the risk of blood thickening and blood clots increases. There is also a lot of caffeine in energy drinks, so it is also better not to use them in hot weather,” the doctor advised.
Denisova noted that in hot weather, preference should be given to mineral water, water with the addition of mint, cucumber, lemon or berries, as well as decoction from dried fruits – they not only quench thirst, but also provide useful substances, vitamins and microelements.

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Natalya Denisova Natalya Denisova Health nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences, senior researcher at the Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology