Dermatologist Batagovskaya: the corners of the lips may droop due to poor posture

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Dermatologist Kristina Batagovskaya named a number of reasons explaining the drooping corners of the lips.

When the corners of the lips begin to droop, it gives the face a sad look expression and exacerbates the visual effect of aging. Dermatologist
Batagovskaya noted that with age, the corners of the lips can droop spontaneously, as the entire facial frame of muscles and ligaments weakens, and facial features tend toward ptosis. His muscles lose their elasticity and stretch due to the gradual decrease in elastin and collagen, which the body produces worse and worse over the years.

“Less obvious causes of drooping corners of the mouth include prolonged exposure to the sun without protective equipment, as well as smoking, which leads to a decrease in the level of oxygen in tissues,” added Batagovskaya, talking with AiF.

In addition, the corners of the lips may droop due to poor posture, excessive tension in the neck muscles, deformation or spasm of the mouth muscles, and a tucked chin.

According to a dermatologist, the easiest way to solve this problem is to smile.
< br>“Smile more often, it improves blood supply to the muscles and relieves stress,” said the expert.
Other ways to lift the corners of the lips are cosmetic procedures – in particular, this can be contouring using fillers.

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