Cardiologist Utin: heart rhythm disturbances after alcohol indicate a dangerous syndrome

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Cardiologist Alexey Utin: disturbances in heart rhythm after drinking alcohol may indicate a person’s tendency to dangerous vascular pathologies.

Cardiologist Utin explained that sometimes after drinking (especially heavy drinking), arrhythmia may occur with a feeling of sudden strong heartbeat.

“Unpleasant changes are sometimes recorded the next night or the day after libations.”
According to the doctor, similar a change in the body's condition is an alarming signal: heart rhythm disturbances after alcohol can be explained by a dangerous syndrome, meaning that the cardiovascular system is not functioning properly.

“The cardiac arrhythmia that occurs after drinking too much alcohol is called holiday heart syndrome (HHS). In this case, the disorder is most often an attack of atrial fibrillation,” said cardiologist Utin.
The doctor clarified that during an attack of atrial fibrillation, a strongly beating heart can be felt “jumping out of the chest.” Severe weakness, shortness of breath, heaviness or chest pain are also possible. If these symptoms appear, the victim must call an ambulance. Such a heart rhythm disturbance is dangerous due to its complications: in particular, a person may develop a blood clot, which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke sharply.

In turn, another Russian cardiologist, Tamaz Gagloshvili, recommended that Russians who, after consuming Alcohol causes arrhythmia, stop drinking alcohol completely. In such people, heart rhythm disturbances and extrasystoles can occur after almost any dose of alcohol consumed, and not just after a large amount of it.

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