Cardiologist Khoroshev: frost negatively affects the condition of people with heart and vascular diseases

man in a jacket under the snow
Cardiologist Vladimir Khoroshev spoke about the danger of frosty weather for people with weak hearts and blood vessels.

Cardiologist Khoroshev warned in an interview that frost negatively affects the condition of people with heart and vascular diseases, including those who have suffered a TIA (transient ischemic attack) and heart attack.

“Frost has the most negative effect on people with hypertension, arterial hypertension. For people with such a disease, this is a particularly unfavorable time,” the doctor shared with TASS.
Khoroshev added that some activities in winter (for example, snow removal) can provoke a deterioration in well-being due to reactions of the vascular system. When doing work that requires stress in the cold, you need to be very careful, carefully monitoring all changes in the body’s condition. When removing snow, you should pause every 3-4 minutes. If such activity causes severe fatigue or weakness, it is necessary to consult a doctor, the expert emphasized.

In addition, the doctor advised people with chronic heart and vascular problems not to walk up the escalator in the metro in winter, and also not to go straight out into the street, so as not to expose the body to sudden temperature changes.

“Before going out into the street you should stand in the transition for two or three minutes, adapt and take a few deep breaths,” said the cardiologist.
The portal previously wrote that snow removal increases a person’s risk of a heart attack.

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